LIBS Student Conference a Resounding Success in International Collaboration

The Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund (LSMIF), in collaboration with the Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics, held their second international student conference on Friday 16th April.

Over 50 students and staff from both the University of Lincoln and the National Economics University in Vietnam (NEU), were present at the virtual event with presentations delivered by students at both institutions. The focus on capital market updates in lieu of a global pandemic, along with highlighting opportunities for investors as seen from both domestic and a foreign investor’s eye, created a relevant and engaging agenda.

As part of their dialogue, students also looked beyond the current restrictions to a time when international travel restrictions are lifted and interactions can be face-to-face once again with further conferences and collaborations planned. Do Minh Chau, an NEU second year International Business Management student, is eager to participate in these developments: “I really hope that we can continue this chain of conferences as there are still many more topics and in-depth discussions to cover. Through these exchange activities, we really want to introduce more about Vietnam’s investment environment, and also to be wowed with the UK’s market.”

Dr Hao Quach

Lincoln International Business School Associate Professor, Hao Quach, commented: “I am delighted that the second conference went so well.  It is clear that students from both countries found this to be a very beneficial learning tool. This conference series is in line with our international engagement for our students and also for our future students from Vietnam. These semi-annual conferences offer opportunities for students to conduct and present their research on the Vietnam and UK economy and markets for mutual benefits. This activity expands our educational partnership with Vietnam universities and broadens also the LSMIF’s operation. I am happy to see growing interests in both the LSMIF and the conferences.”

James Stenson, President of the LSMIF, added: “We are very grateful for the opportunity to learn from one another and it was an absolute pleasure to learn more about Vietnam and how the markets differ and operate. It was an eye-opening experience and we look forward to further collaboration. We hope NEU learned from us and found the conference as enlightening as we found their presentations and discussions. LSMIF look forward to helping the NEU setting up their own Student Managed Investment Fund and hope that our shared experiences will help their progress and further their knowledge.”

Capturing the engagement felt by participants and the benefits of this extra-curricular learning opportunity, NEU second year Financial Investment student, Bui Phuong Dzung, summarised: “…as a student majoring in Financial Investment, from the first time I attended the Lincoln webinar as a listener, I was excited and absorbed by the content presented throughout the session from both sides. For that reason, at the second seminar, I seized the opportunity to become a content creator and presenter. This process has motivated me to cooperate enthusiastically with my team members to cautiously study the practical information related to my field, then confidently present the condensed and valuable knowledge to participants.”

NEU Associate Professor, Dr Nguyen Thi Minh Hue, Head of Securities Market Department, School of Banking and Finance,concurred adding: “…hopefully, students from the University of Lincoln also gained useful and interesting information about Vietnam securities market, an emerging market, but full of good investment opportunities for foreign investors like the LSMIF.”


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